1. Bo Ray

    While I have only known Mills for a short time, and worked on some of his projects, he was a great guy,and so interesting.

    His life is a story that needs to be told to all.

    He was one of the good guys!!!

    Rest in Peace…..

  2. Laurie Aiwohi

    I found Mills on the radio shortly after I moved to St. George in 2008. Even though we don’t get him here in St. George I was able to catch his podcasts. I was able to meet him and and chat a few times. He quickly became my go-to favorite radio host as he shared my same thoughts and beliefs. He’s been a part of mine and my husbands life now for eight years and he will be sorely missed. I know he will be fighting the battle for all of us now on the other side. We will miss you Mills, Nate and Laurie Aiwohi

  3. K Pete

    Listened to Mills for many years, remember him with Joe Redburn when he was at KSXX. and many years to follow at KTKK. thanks for the internet was able to listen to him when I moved down here in Southern Utah, will be missed Greatly

  4. Greg OBrien//Grego

    Sorry to hear about Mills passing, I worked at Ktalk with Jack Stockwell and sat many times in the sound booth with Mills before his show and shot the breeze.


  5. Mark H

    The Dean of talk radio has moved on to next world. He talked too so many that had already been there, Mills is right at home.

  6. Robert and Sherry

    Loved listening to you Mills. Now you’re having your own experience. Our condolences to your family.

  7. Justin Haskins

    Mills has been entertaining and informing me with his radio show since 1991. He will be missed.

  8. Jay in North Ogden

    Mills was a fount of knowledge and it was great to hear him share his views on news and current events. He had a love for his listeners and wanted them to be prepared even going so far as to open the Prepper Center. We heard him give a great presentation in Ogden 2 summers ago on world events and end times at a prepper fair. I would often call after getting off the Frontrunner train and be the tail gunner on his program as the last caller of the show. RIP Mill’s!!! Thanks for teaching my wife and daughter self defense. Great man and friend!

  9. List

    Thank u for all the great conversations that u brought into our home every night!!
    may your soul enjoy the well deserved glory of the lord’s kingdom and light!!!!
    U will be missed!!!
    Many prayers to his family!!!
    Rest in peace DEAN OF TALK RADIO!!!!!

  10. Wanda MacNeil, Arkansas

    Enjoyed his professional interviews and comments. He will be missed.

  11. Paul Chappell

    Long time listener and sorry that you had such a sudden loss. My heartfelt condolences to the family.

  12. David Atkinson

    I have listened to Mills for many years. I was happy when the internet came about, so I could listen no matter where I was. He was an inspiration, a model citizen, very knowledgeable, and a marvelous talk show host. I will sorely miss him. I wish his family well.

  13. Darell Thorpe, his former Radio Producer

    Mills Crenshaw was a warrior! A warrior with words, his spirit, mind & body! Fighting for what he believed was right for America, by pointing out & warning about what was wrong, & how it could be changed for the good. Fighting for what he believed would help people protect themselves physically, through his Ed Parker inspired Martial Arts classes. Fighting for what he believed people might need, spiritually. Thus, giving his time & testimony in the testimonial war against what he saw were false spiritual beliefs, false opinions, while allowing those opinions to be aired on his show. As a warrior for restoring the Constitution, he helped give voice to many who wanted to present the research they’d done on different topics, about what was going wrong in big government, & those he thought were behind the secret combinations seeking to destroy America. He was a warrior-teacher, teaching us with his extensive knowledge about many things that he’d research out over the years. But also, allowing different authors to teach him & his listeners about their own experiences, studies, & research. He taught us through airing many Near Death Experiences, covered history, religion, science, customs, holidays, families, Mormonism, early Christianity, politics, prophetic warnings, preparation for possible hard times, plus many more topics. Now he’s become a warrior-angel again in the heavenly realms, but his voice can still be heard through the archives of his shows. I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to have been his radio show producer from June 2011 to about mid 2016. Thankful & glad to have taken some of his self defense classes, & talk with him one on one about getting the many different guests that we air over that period of time. I will also remember the times that he let me on his show to talk about my own on going research projects too. Thanks Mills, may your journeys through the heavenly realms be filled with all the wonders, glory, & school type learning experiences into new areas of knowledge, that your Near Death Experience guests’ shows, gave us a peak at. God bless you, we’ll miss you. Until we meet again, keep up the quests for truths, & eternal progression in those higher schools of cosmic learning, in that Paradise that your spirit now rests. With brotherly love & respect, your friend, Darell Thorpe. 12-22-2016, Thursday.

  14. Darell Thorpe, former Radio Producer & Friend

    Part 2: To Mills & his family: “The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.” (Numbers 6:24-26). “There be many that say, Who will shew us any good? LORD, lift thou up the light of thy countenance upon us.” (Psalms 4:6). “Make thy face to shine upon thy servant: save me for thy mercies sake.” (Psalms 31:16). May Christ our Lord’s light have shined upon you Mills, as you experienced your tour through the spirit world & joined in with family & friends that went before. May your family be comforted with God’s love & your visiting spirit from time to time, in their loss & Paradise’s gain. My deepest feelings of love & respect go out to you & your extended family & friends.

  15. Anonymous

    Rest in Peace Mills Crenshaw.
    I lost a dear friend. The world lost a great man. His children lost a great father. His son Kevin eulogized him beautifully.
    Kevin, I read your beautiful Eulogy to your father and of course I cried… It was the 3rd time this morning that I’ve shed tears over your Fathers passing… When I first heard, when I told my wife, and again after reading your heartfelt memories and love pouring out. It will not be the last time I cry over the loss of a man that I respected and loved. We spoke about many things your Father and I, mostly we just goofed around and had fun. I’ll pray for your Father with every ounce of faith and courage that I have in my body Kevin, and for you his dear son, and for your Family. I will also pray for myself, in thanks, for having known him. I know that you are absolutely crushed by his passing. My deepest condolences to you and to your family. What a proud son you are… and what a proud son you must be, Your father was a great man, a world class athlete, an amazing human being, and a dear friend to me. I will miss him. After some time passes I will send you a clip of a video of your Dad and myself. I want you to hear his words to me, they are words that will humble me for the rest of my life and words that I will try very hard for the rest of my life to be worthy of. Rest in Peace Mills Crenshaw my dear friend, you were so loved, by so many…
    That makes 4.

  16. Marc Barello

    We loved listening to Mills on the radio. He was always well informed and willing to stand up and be counted. I have enjoyed hearing Mills on KTKK since 1985. I alos followed him to KLO and K-1 radio. Mills was there when I went through some rough and sad times in my life and I found comfort hearing him.I was at the State Capital during the tax protest in 1987. I know that it’ll be a challenge to fill his time slot on KTKK. We will miss you Mills-God speed. Marc “sparks” and Linda Barello.

  17. Marc Barello

    We loved listening to Mills on the radio. He was always well informed and willing to stand up and be counted. I have enjoyed hearing Mills on KTKK since 1985. I also followed him to KLO and K-1 radio. Mills was there when I went through some rough and sad times in my life and I found comfort hearing him. I was at the State Capital during the tax protest in 1987. I know that it’ll be a challenge to fill his time slot on KTKK. We will miss you Mills-God speed. Marc “sparks” and Linda Barello.

  18. Kevin Mills Crenshaw

    Mills, my father, organized tax protests after a call from an elderly woman on the air. You can read about it in this SL Tribune article. He also helped orchestrate a near-coup at the Republican state convention as it was preparing to nominate Gov. Bangerter for another term. As it was reported to me, in a surprise move he planned with Merrill Cook they asked the convention to vote on hearing an alternate voice for the nomination. A majority voted to let Merrill Cook present his platform. The motion was squelched only when a senior statesman grabbed the podium contrary to rules of order and therefore Merrill refused to show up. Always thinking outside the box, my Dad kept elected officials on their toes.

  19. Gary Rosier

    Thanks for all the Cold Hard Facts!

  20. Allen Kulicke

    Mills got me interested in talk radio 30 years ago and his insight and wisdom has been a steady guide for me. I did’nt ever call but sometimes the callers with abusive and different ideas made me mad and defensive for him. I will deeply miss hearing his voice on the radio. The new breed of broadcaster does’nt quite do it for me but I will give them a chance and who knows, maybe in 30 years, they will be as good as Mills. My heart felt condolences to his family.

  21. Marquis R DuPre

    Mills Crenshaw articulated in a career sound money,gave sound advice in life’s area as listeners tuned into hear a commpassionate capitalist. Love this spokesman to the people.

  22. BJ

    Thanks to Mills, I rediscovered local talk radio.

    Safe travels Brother.

  23. Monfongo

    With deepest sympathy to the Crenshaw family and Mills extended Kenpo family.

  24. Ivan Kunic-Orem

    Didn’t always agree but always enjoyed the talk! See you on the other side!

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  41. Kevin Crenshaw

    In the 60s, when I was about 7 or 8 years old I watched my father’s involvement with talk radio with interest. He was always trying something new.

    One of his Ten Commandments of Talk Radio was “First and foremost, talk radio is entertainment, not truth.”

    I watched him call the station one afternoon during someone else’s show while he placed a handheld electrolarynx to his throat. With its eerie, sci-fi-sounding monotone voice, he told the host that he was a visitor from another planet. They talked for about 5 minutes. I wish I had a recording of that show!

    Another time, a grandmotherly-sounding person he didn’t know called in and said: “Mills, I really like your show, but sometimes I think you’re not nice enough. I really wish you’d be nicer to people and …”
    He sudden;y muted her call, cutting her off, and said: “Mom, how many times have I told you not to call me at the station!” it wasn’t his mother, of course….